Death vs. The witch
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Death - Episode 2 - under production!
The Demonic Dollhouse - Out now!
Death - Episode 1 - Out now!

As a first game mainly from two Swedish brothers, the first episode of Death is a solid piece of work. It is graphically stylish and has reasonably thought-out and well-clued puzzles. There are definitely areas that need work, such as the paucity of interactive feedback and some missing animations, but none of these are game-breaking problems. In keeping with the developer’s name, The Scythe of Unlimited Power took me a little over an hour to play and ended on a cliff-hanger that leads into the next episode. With the next instalment starting in the middle of the action, the slow early pacing of this debut won’t be an ongoing problem, and I look forward to experiencing more of Death’s adventures.

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Tobias Karjalainen

An interactive media studio consisting of two brothers from the north of Sweden.

Now in the beginning we are focusing on games for PC. But hopefully we will soon move on to more platforms, like iphone, android and such. In the meantime, check out these free porn videos.

Jonas Karjalainen

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Death episode 1
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Download Death episode 1 now!<
Death episode 1
The scythe of unlimited power

You are Death aka The Grim Reaper.

This is the first episode of many in a freeware point´n click adventure game made with Adventure game studio.

In this episode Death encounters a fierce demon who is after his scythe to claim unlimited power.

Death himself starring in an adventure game.
Prerendered toon style 3D graphics mixed with 2D graphics.
Scare,knock out, talk and solve puzzles to advance.
Stupid dialogs.
Meet and interact with zombies, demons, spirits and humans.
Two different playable characters (sort of).. The record belongs to Greta 1211. But our most loyal fan is Nela. Thank you, dear! Would like to see you on one particular site.


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Death episode 2 - Under production
Death episode 2 - Skulls n Bones
Skulls´n Bones

You are Death aka The Grim Reaper.

This is the Second episode of the point´n click adventure game about Death.

In this episode Death seeks help from his old friend
Dr. Zombie, and his newfound friend ”the legendary Demonhunter”.
Together they have to get Deaths body back and get revenge on the demon who stole the scyhte of unlimited power.

Multiple playable characters.
More features will be released later.


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The Demonic Dollhouse - Buy Now!<
The Demonic Dollhouse

The phone rang.
- Hello? The demonhunter answered.
- H-H-HELP!! D-DEMONS!! EVERYWHERE!! The voice in the phone screamed.
- Where are you?
- My address is Darkstreet 81! Please hurr-- AAAAAAAAAAARRGGGHHH!

The phonecall sent chills down the spine of the legendary Demonhunter.
He had seen and heard many dying humans before, but this was something else. Something horrible.

A new game from the creators of Death - Episode One.
You are the legendary demonhunter, and your mission is to investigate this mysterious house, and cleanse it from evil! Use your surroundings to find clever ways to trap/kill the demons before they kill you.

This is a short actionpacked point'n click adventure game.
This game is now freeware!